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When brothers unite,
legacies are made.

Two brothers, Jamnadas Harchandani and Amrutlal S. Harchandani reined the Indian Fryums Market for 20 years. With their delicious food brand Vishal Papdi and unforgettable flavours of fryums this brand conquered the hearts of many.

With a strong foothold in the food industry, Ekta Foods was set up as a new venture of providing gourmet roasted happiness and roasted nuts. Shri Jamnadas Harchandani had a vision of catering shing and chana to the people of India. Shri Jamnadas Harchandani’s vision was not without meaning. Today, Ekta Foods is a famous trader of the largest grade Sahurashtra peanuts across the country. The quality is stringently maintained because the peanuts are hand selected and then roasted to a perfect golden.

Besides their famous peanuts, Ekta Foods roasted chana is also a very popular
selling product. Today, with the younger minds contributing to the business, it is reaching new pinnacles of success and innovation.

Our History

Having had a successful running in the fryums industry, Shri Jamnadas Harchandani envisioned the beginning of something new. He saw a future in the need of hygienic manufacturing and packaging of the famous “Traditional Salted-Roasted Peanuts.” Having sound knowledge and vast experience in procurement of quality ground nuts, he ventured into this business in 1985. It is his vision that brought technology, into this highly traditionally oriented business. Ekta Foods has expanded from just roasted nuts to a large variety of products including their famous chana. Today, it has surpassed others in the industry by roasting and packaging peanuts hygienically thereby creating a reputation for quality and freshness, and by providing patrons with deliciously different flavoured peanuts.

The brand as it is today

The Founder, Shri Jamandas S. Harchandani has nurtured Ekta Foods with care and honesty. It is no wonder that today it is one of the biggest suppliers of peanuts and chana in states across India. Joining hands with him are his sons who have continued the family business.

The Director, Mr Narendra J Harchandani has worked towards enhancing the brand across the country while also maintaining the family traditions of the business.

Director Of Marketing and Business Development Mr. Nilesh J Harchandani Mr. Nilesh J Harchandani, with his Masters Degree in Computer Science from Gujarat University has joined, Ekta Foods team and taken the key responsibility as the Director of Marketing and Business Development. His enthusiasm in creating an engaging corporate culture and marketing activities will strengthen brand value. His knowledge in this area has helped establish strategies that will lead to continuous growth of the company.

Director of Business Development and Production, Mr Vijendra J Harchandani has been heading the Marketing, R & D, Quality and innovation processes of Ekta Foods. With his business acumen, he has influenced the brand to create multiple drivers of growth directly contributing to business expansion since 2000 while simultaneously cultivating relationships and bettering brand value.

With the passionate and dynamic inputs of everyone in the family, today Ekta Foods supplies across India to several states like Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh.

Our Mission

With the help of a highly motivated and hardworking team, to create tasteful and delicious peanuts for consumers under the most hygienic conditions through vertically integrated business models and by carefully controlling the quality of all the products.

Our Vision

To be the leader in producing and processing nuts in India and worldwide by constantly innovating our manufacturing processes and adding long-term value to our band name.

Quality Policy

  • Ekta Foods procure Fresh Raw Peanuts from the lush fields of Saurashtra (popularly known as the Peanut Bowl of India).
  • All the raw material is procured from Standard, Quality Certified suppliers only.
  • These naturally sweet, big sized peanuts are graded, sorted and sent for removal of small kernels ensuring that big, even sized peanuts are available to the consumer.
  • Carefully scrutinised kernels are then roasted evenly to establish uniformity. These are then forwarded to a team of strict in-house Quality Control Processes.
  • Seasonings are manufactured in-house so as to maintain standardised flavours, hygiene and freshness of ingredients.
  • The manufacturing processes are all done without artificial colours.

Our Strengths

Fully Equipped Processing Units

We operate from a state of the art unit spread over an area of 20000 square feet. With highly automated machinery and high-tech manufacturing Standard Roasting Machine and Packing Machines, we are completely dedicated to the process of providing our customers with the finest products.

Value Enhanced Products

We provide flavourful and delicious peanuts and chana to our customers at competitive prices thus enabling customers to get the best value for their money.
With long research in manufacturing flavorful combinations, procurement of finest quality ingredients and exercising fine quality control thereby exciting our customers with the finest quality of peanuts and chana.